Frequently Asked Questions

2021 Event Cancellation

Why have you cancelled the 2021 event?

Several options were explored to get this global event happening in 2021, but unfortunately the difficult decision has been made to cancel the event.

Like many other event organisers, we face the challenges brought about by international and domestic travel restrictions despite healthy interest for the event from exhibitors and buyers. As the past year has shown, it’s difficult to predict if border closures will be required to slow the spread of future outbreaks.

With continued uncertainties, AIME event organisers cannot guarantee uninterrupted interstate travel over the coming months. It is our priority to protect the interests of our community and the financial investments involved in attending AIME2021.

Please read our full statement here.

Why is AIME 2021 not being considered to run as a virtual event?

We wholeheartedly supported the move to a hybrid format to ensure AIME continued to offer international and local buyers access to the best exhibitors from around the globe. Yet we believe a fully virtual event would remove the live, in-person element – which is the essence of AIME. It is for this reason we have decided against a fully online model.

Is the 2022 date confirmed?

Yes, AIME’s upcoming event will take place on 21–23 March 2022, with full details to follow in the coming months.

Will 2022 be a hybrid event?

The Business Events Industry has stated a preference for an in-person event. Should International borders still be closed, we will run a hybrid model to ensure connectivity across the globe.

Even though the 2021 isn’t going ahead, will it still be covered by the Business Events Grant Program, managed by Austrade?

No sorry, as the event will not run in 2021 there will not be grant funding available. Click here for more information

As a confirmed exhibitor, can I roll over my investment to the 2022 event?

Yes, we will be in touch with you to discuss your options.

As a confirmed exhibitor, will I get a full refund?

Yes, you will also have the option to transfer your deposit to 2022.

What is the refund process?

All refunds will be processed through your account manager.

What is the timeline for getting my refund?

We will begin the process of working through refunds as soon as possible and will be in contact to provide updates to all exhibitors shortly.

Has AIME ever been cancelled before?

No, this is the first time AIME has cancelled after almost three decades of events.