Creativity is a born talent. Authenticity is a daily choice.

22 January 2020 •

Some express themselves through words, some with expressions and some with visuals.


Sarah Rowan is a vibrant speed painter and inspirational speaker and as a key presenter at the AIME 2020 Knowledge Exchange she delivering a truly memorable experience for attendees.

Sarah is regarded as Australia’s Top Female Speed Painter. After over 400 performances across a multitude of industries, Sarah realised her purpose reached far beyond entertainment as she naturally found herself inspiring and encouraging her audiences to embrace their own creativity which she believes is a “birthright” to all.

While painting LIVE on stage, Sarah will also be speaking on practical ways to increase one’s creativity and inspiring her listeners to embrace authentic living through her own personal journey.

Sarah believes the day she embraced her real self, enabled her to attain her full potential and enhance her work of art like never before!

In 2018, Sarah chose to break free from the 20 years of pressure to abide by societal norms and family expectations. She left a 12-year marriage to come out of the closet and did so with flying colours. Whilst her journey was not without mental challenges, Sarah’s dedication to authenticity and creative living has powerful, thought provoking messages that will captivate listeners.

Sarah will inspire and connect with her audience at the AIME Knowledge Exchange through sharing her unique creative journey in pursuit of a genuine and honest life.



Date: Monday, 17 February 2020 | The Knowledge Exchange
Plenary 3 & Closing: Creativity is a Born Talent. Authenticity is a Daily Choice. 


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