Workshop: Igniting Curiosity – Mastering the Most Significant Soft Skill in the 21st Century

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We live in a curious world, and humans are fundamentally curious beings. Why? Because curiosity has an evolutionary purpose. People had to be curious about what was happening around them, or they wouldn’t survive in a changing world. And today that world is changing faster than ever before. Technological disruption is asking us to learn more quickly than we ever have had to before. So how do we inspire, educate and activate curiosity as a driving force within organisations seeking to thrive today and into the future?

In this presentation, Dr. Kate takes you on an adventure to unlock the art of curiosity. What is the science behind the curious mind, and what tools can we use to enhance curiosity, creativity and purposeful playfulness. At the heart of this presentation is the unlocking of a curious mindset and as a strategy for life and business.

You will also experience — through the hands on LEGO® Serious Play® methodology — a tool used by some of the world’s top brands from Virgin Atlantic to IKEA — the ignition of your own curiosity as a powerful tool for listening, collaboration, creativity and clarity.

You will walk away from this presentation with tools, insights and experiences that will enable you to master curiosity and in doing so enhance the soft human skills that act as the foundation for innovation, creativity, collaboration and connection. After all technology may be empowering the software, but human curiosity is what fundamentally creates and or changes the game.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn why curiosity is a key 21st century skill
  • The ignition of your curiosity to to drive outcomes (innovation, creativity, clarity, collaboration)
  • Experience curiosity about others through the LEGO Serious Play Methodology

Note: This session is limted to 40 attendees, early registration is advised.

This session also include a morning tea break from 10.45 – 11.00 am.


Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

Igniter of Curiosity, Award-Winning Designer, Keynote Speaker and Certified Facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play®


Event details


Monday 15 March

10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Courtyard Room