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Talk2 Media & Events (Talk2 ME) CEO Matt Pearce, today announced a series of changes the new team are planning for the 2019 event to reflect the industry research the company has undertaken since being awarded the management contract.

It is clear that AIME has an important heritage that is valued by so many within the incentives, meetings and events industry, however it is evident that the industry is looking for change at AIME that better reflects the industry in 2020. At the core of the event are the three pillars of commerce, education and networking, and everything we do will reflect this. The changes we are planning are designed to implement the vision we have for AIME to ensure the future longevity of the event. Pearce said.

The changes announced today include specific focus on the hosted buyer program to ensure it can deliver quality, quantity and a good geographic split of buyers from around the Asia-Pacific region. Talk2 ME has identified the number of buyers, by industry and geography, that it intends to bring to the event next year.“The hosted buyer program is central to the success of the event and we will be working immediately post AIME 2018 to ensure we encourage the right buyers to attend AIME 2019” commented Pearce. “The event must reflect the Asia-Pacific region, and we will be working closely with a number of intermediaries to identify and invite key players in the region to join us as part of the 2019 Hosted Buyer Program.”


Change will also be implemented within the education offering at the event, expanding the range of education offered to include both individual and industry development across the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the event. The significant change will be that the education will be offered to all attendees, across all 3 days. Pearce noted that they were in discussion with a number of recognised industry associations, both locally and internationally, to provide meaningful education across a broad range of subjects.


Another major initiative announced was the introduction of additional networking opportunities in 2019. These include networking sessions on the show floor each day of the event as well as a new offering on the Tuesday evening. ‘We are a face-to-face industry that thrives on personal networks and we must have the opportunity to encourage people to meet, do business and importantly, have fun!” Pearce explained. “New management will always look through a different lens and we will be working closely with MCB to create the region’s best event for our industry. We are excited and up for the challenge!”


Further initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks post AIME 2018.

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