A Journey of Spark: The Story of the Visual Storytellers Group

28 March 2023 •

Introducing #AIMEStories, where we share the diverse stories from our AIME community. From how they got started to what makes them tick, we hope this new series helps you find your event inspiration.

First up we hear from Paul Telling of Visual Storytelling Group, whose bright and brilliant work was on show at AIME’s 2023 Knowledge Program. Paul explores how visual cues help us to remember – and how the significance of being remembered was what inspired him to start his business.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication…And visual storytelling: thinking and then communicating visually, is the way the brain naturally works.

The Visual Storytellers’ secret power lies in their ability to capture and communicate content in creative, visually engaging ways that holds the attention of audiences long after the event wraps.

Using visual storytelling is a powerful tool to help people “See what you are saying!”

#FunFact the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text and retains up to 65% more information when visuals are used to communicate.

I like to say we help people and their stories be seen, heard and remembered!

I started The Visual Storytellers Group after one of the worst days of my life. My childhood best friend took his own life after a lifelong battle with mental health. On that day I vowed to always focus on doing what I love and reclaimed my creative expression and passion to help others share their story.

My mate was a brilliant gardener… He was like the Steve Irwin of gardening – his excitement and enthusiasm for manure, compost and ferns was unmatched by no man! …I had always thought I would support him to share his incredible story with the world and find the freedom he longed for but I missed that opportunity and so I started The Visual Storytellers Group to do just that. Help people be seen, heard and remembered!

We do this in several ways; animation, illustration, murals and live visual storytelling. At AIME you saw us producing live visual stories or visual notes which are real-time visual summaries of the spoken content.

I love supporting the adrenalin fueled creative world of conferences and events. After over a decade of designing and facilitating events and workshops myself, I understand the excitement, joy, stress and emotional rollercoaster that comes with putting together an awesome event that leaves a lasting legacy.

Visual Storytellers support that process by creating visual experiences that enthrall and inspire audiences – we create lasting memories by capturing the story in real-time and providing both physical and digital assets that can be shared with attendees once the event has wrapped.

Here are four ways Visual Storytelling can support your next event:

  1. Spark conversation with personalised content – our hand-drawn works of art can be shared on socials during and after the event – live storytelling at its best!
  2. Amplify your brand with animations, illustration and video content that draws your audience in – speaker portrait anyone?
  3. Capture key information from speaker sessions – ditch powerpoint presentations and normal note-taking – remember our minds are wired to process information visually!
  4. Save money on speaker gifts – the finished visual storyboards are a treasured and personalised gift that speakers love

There are so many visually engaging creative experiences we can bring to your event and we love nothing more than developing new and creative ideas with you. Find out more here

Let’s get visual! Enter our competition to win $5,000 in Visual Storytelling services for your next event! Head to this link to go in the draw to win!



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