AIME 2021 Hosted Buyer program is under way

16 September 2020 •

Our industry is evolving, giving us the opportunity to rethink what we once knew and broaden our horizons. Now more than ever, we cannot simply rely on our existing networks, we must work on rebuilding and connecting with new industry professionals. Luckily for #eventprofs AIME 2021 is the platform to do exactly that (and so much more!)

Bernadette Panton, our Hosted Buyer Manager for AIME believes that “our industry must come together as one so that we can bounce back stronger than ever, and what better place to do that, than AIME 2021. This is our time to collaborate and connect with common spirit to kickstart business events again.”

Don’t just take our word for it though… hear what your industry colleagues have to say:

“In these, dare I use the most overused word this year, “unprecedented” times, we feel it necessary to have senior management on the ground next year at AIME to reconnect with industry after what will be 12 months away:” – Karen Livermore, ID Events

“Some good news from us is that we are looking at making up for missed events as soon as we can and at this stage (as early as it is) we are planning on a couple of big events for 2021 as well as our regular meetings & conferences. Can’t wait!” – Barbara Johnson Lifecorp

Join our Hosted Buyer program in 2021 and help kickstart the industry back into action, whilst having fun at the same time.

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