AIME Has Lost The Buzzer, And Found Its Voice

15 March 2022 •

Over 7,000 appointments will be held at AIME in just one weeks’ time. That’s a lot of wheeling and dealing going on! To keep the vibe high and meetings running on time, AIME management has engaged Aussie pop star Brihony Dawson and the team from Songdivision as resident Timekeepers. No more buzzers or bells. As meetings finish, a DJ will play tunes to get everyone on the move – and Brihony Dawson, AIME’s energetic MC will ensure everyone has a pep in their step.

Our 340 hosted buyers as well as our 50 virtual buyers know the value of a short, sharp meeting. Silke Calder, AIME’s event director explains “the team has worked hard to recruit high quality buyers to AIME 2022 and we want to ensure that buyers and exhibitors not only form meaningful connections, but have a lot of fun doing so. Injecting some colour and personality into the show program is just one example of the many changes’ visitors to AIME will experience this year.”

AIME registration is live

For a sneak peak of Brihony in action click here



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