AIME Virtual Gathering Run Down

18 November 2020 •

Potential hosted buyers from Australia and New Zealand gathered together on 5 November, with those in Asia joining on 18 November for the AIME-first regional Virtual Gatherings.

The 45-minute gatherings brought together AIME representatives, Silke Calder and Bernadette Panton to delve into all things AIME 2021. They provided insight into the exciting new hybrid show model, what to expect from the Hosted Buyer program and a live q&a to answer any and all questions.

Bernadette and Silke were also joined by confirmed 2021 hosted buyers who shared their views on the importance of AIME to them and the industry (whilst working their word of mouth magic to convince more hosted buyers to apply). Many stories were shared about previous connections made at AIME, the inspiration that buyers find on the show floor and the new perspective that AIME offers to event planning.

Sylvia Li, Client Services Director at PMG Asia Pacific said that she loves the collaborative nature of AIME, where the industry comes together to share ideas and come up with out of the box innovations. Inge Meggitt, Operations Manager at DC Conferences praised AIME for being the event that will reconnect the industry after a disconnected year. Jordan Walsh, Managing Director of Delegate Connect also chimed in to the gatherings to give the inside scoop on AIME Online, powered by Delegate Connect.

The Virtual Gatherings have already been a great success in Australia, New Zealand and Asia and we look forward to hosting the Middle East and Europe edition in January.




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