Best Practice In Event Tech

6 December 2022 •

Ben Lyden, Managing Director XpoBay, and one of AIME’s 2023 tech partners, shares his insights on “best tech practice” when it comes to in-person events. 


XpoBay provides flexible Event Portal software to assist organisers radically simplify their events. In AIME’s case, XpoBay helps develop systems which make the exhibitor and hosted buyer experience a seamless and integrated journey to AIME.

With over 20 years’ experience in the events and exhibitions industry working with some of the world’s largest organisers of business and consumer events, XpoBay brings a unique insight into the technology needed to streamline many aspects of event planning; from registration to operations to event portals and more.

If social distancing taught us anything it’s that, as humans, we crave contact. Despite all the uncertainty that lockdowns brought, the research and data point to one thing: in-person events are here to stay. What role will tech play in the future of these events? XpoBay, Managing Director, Ben Lyden shared his thoughts:

  • Now more than ever, we need to develop systems which work symbiotically to streamline and enhance the user experience (UX) for organisers and attendees alike. Think ‘interconnectivity’ at every stage of program development.
  • Many all-in-one event software solutions promise to be a panacea, but the more complex an event, the more important it is to choose a bespoke mix of systems – or the right “tech stack” – to make the process seamless.
  • Choosing an appropriate tech stack starts with breaking down an event into sets of intelligent requirements, and then choosing the best software solutions accordingly.
  • In the planning stage of the event, teams work out the minimum requirements based on the ideal journey of each participant type and then build a tech stack around this. Once a successful system is in place, teams can iterate and improve year-on-year.

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