24 August 2023 •

In the global business events industry, finding opportunities for event suppliers to showcase their brand and services is paramount.

And there is no better platform to achieve this than at Asia Pacific’s premier event – AIME 2024, held in Australia’s exciting “World’s Most Liveable” city of Melbourne

Attending AIME presents business event suppliers a valuable opportunity to connect, network and make valuable partnerships. It’s where the world meets in Asia Pacific. 

Event suppliers wrote more than $200m in business at AIME 2023. 

It’s one of the many reasons AIME remains the “must attend” event on the business events calendar. 

However, attending a trade show requires planning to ensure you extract maximum return on investment (ROI) for your business.

AIME 2024 is shaping up to be the best yet. Now’s your chance to get a slice of the pie.

Here are the best ways to make the most of your time at AIME and maximise your ROI.

Foundations for success

Success at AIME 2024 begins long before the event. Engaging with potential clients, partners and attendees before can boost your ROI. 

Event suppliers should make use of all the marketing resources provided in the AIME Exhibitor Hub. 

Use social media, email campaigns and targeted outreach to create a buzz around participation. Share teaser content, special offers, or exclusive previews of what you’ll be showcasing at your booth. This builds anticipation and increases the chances of prospects seeking you out at the event.

Share with the world that you’ll be at AIME – your clients will thank you and make plans to see you there!

Start planning now to ensure you have enough staff attending the show to help manage all pre-scheduled appointments as well as additional unplanned meetings. There are always more than you think!

Be your best storyteller

Your booth is a window into your business and brand. Thus a well-designed booth will draw attendees like moths to a flame. It’s not just about aesthetics. It’s about conveying your brand’s essence and value proposition. Incorporate innovative visuals, interactive elements, and engaging displays. 

Think outside the box. Perhaps create an activation for your stand to attract more attention – a social media promo, provide catering to visitors, organise a prize to be won at the end of AIME. 

Make your booth a conversation starter and magnet for connections.

Amplify your impact

Amplify your brand at AIME by securing a sponsorship opportunity Stand out from the crowd, and create more brand awareness for your organisation. There are many promotional opportunities for event suppliers to enhance their impact. AIME’s 2024 Sponsorship Prospectus will be released on 5 September, 2023. Stay tuned!

From brand activations to signs, hosted functions to media presentations and even sponsored eDMs – there are many opportunities to deliver impressive impact and ROI. 

Quality over quantity

A focus on quality interactions during AIME will yield better results.

AIME’s bespoke AI-powered meeting platform matches interested buyers with relevant exhibitors.

This powerful meeting matching software considers all buyers and exhibitors filtered for preferences. It then allocates meetings across two days of AIME. This maximises the best use of attendees’ time and ensures exhibitors are meeting with interested buyers.

But that’s just the start. 

Engage in meaningful conversations. Be a good listener, understand their needs, and tailor your pitch accordingly. Building personal connections increases the likelihood of post-event follow-ups and conversions.

Seal the deal with data

Collecting visitor data is essential for post-event follow-ups.

Download the AIME event app (available Feb 2024) and use it to its full capacity. It has meeting note capturing, lead generation (by scanning walk ups) and rating meetings. This will ensure you have accurate data to download from the meeting platform post-show and make the most of your quality leads to follow up in the days following AME. 

After the event, promptly send personalised follow-up emails to your leads. Reiterate your value proposition, highlight the key takeaways from your interactions and offer to address any specific needs they expressed.

Customised follow-ups demonstrate your commitment and increase the chances of converting leads into customers.

Extend the event

Maximise your profile on AIME’s meeting platform to include a detailed description of your product or service and include images and links to digital brochures, your website, social media accounts etc so event suppliers get a really good feel for your business.

Because the impact of AIME 2024 doesn’t end when the event does. 

Use your social media platforms to share event highlights, photos, and key takeaways. This not only reinforces your presence in attendees’ minds but also exposes your brand to a wider audience. 

Encourage attendees to share their experiences and tag your brand, further amplifying your reach. Capitalise on the event hashtag #AIME2024  and engage in conversations to maintain the buzz.

The learning curve 

Post-event evaluation is often overlooked but is a crucial step in refining your strategy for future events. Analyse what worked well and what could be improved. Gather feedback from your team, visitors and leads to gain valuable insights. Use this information to fine-tune your approach, ensuring you extract even greater ROI from your next trade show.

AIME 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity for event suppliers in the MICE industry to shine. By following these strategies, you can elevate your brand, forge meaningful connections and drive sales that extend far beyond the event itself. 

Remember, success at AIME is not just about showcasing your services. It is about creating a memorable experience that resonates and leaves a lasting impression.



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