Can I choose the hotel where I’d like to stay?

21 July 2022 •

No. If everyone could choose their own hotel, then we’d have everyone choosing the most popular, well-known international 5-star properties and the lesser-known properties could have none, or very few requests.

Your accommodation is covered by AIME and to be fair to our hotel partners, the hosted buyer team will allocate each buyer to a hotel. This is done once the applications have closed and we know exactly how many buyers are attending AIME and exactly how many rooms are required from the blocks we have negotiated with hotels.

It is not an option to swap hotels after they have been allocated by the hosted buyer team.

In some instances, where you are a regular or frequent user of a particular hotel or chain, you may be personally invited by them to stay at their property. In that situation the hotel will provide us with the names of those buyers who have accepted their invitation and we will allocate those accordingly.



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