How are hosted buyer applications assessed?

8 December 2023 •

For all applicants we take into consideration:

  • your current role and your potential to research, organize, influence, contract and make budgetary decisions for either domestic or international events.
  • your position as an executive or event managers position in your company.
  • your strong history in the events industry – your LinkedIn profile is very useful in this regard.
  • the length of time you have been working at your current company.
  • your events:
    • on average, how many you organise each year (or contract if you are a venue finder)
    • the types of events you organise
    • the size of the events you organise
    • where those events are held
  • your referees – we will check with venues nominated on the form to verify events have taken place as outlined and in some instances contact details for further referees will be required.

In addition to the above, applicants from outside Australia are also assessed on:

  • the number of confirmed or planned events taking place in Australia and/or the Asia Pacific region in the next two years.
  • events industry association memberships and executive or committee positions held within these associations.



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