How many applications does AIME accept?

21 July 2022 •

Domestic applicants:

We have places for 250 fully hosted buyers at AIME 2024. Please apply early to avoid disappointment. Applications will not be accepted after the close-off date because this will not provide enough time to progress through the meeting matching process prior to the show in mid-February.

We have places for 150 semi-hosted buyers (SHB) at AIME 2024. If you would prefer to fund your own flights and transfers in return for less PSAs, please apply early to avoid disappointment. We expect these positions to fill quickly.

International applicants:

We have places for 100 fully hosted international buyers.

Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of positions available for each country – in some cases only 2 positions. Please do not delay your application or you risk missing out on attending AIME.



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