What is the hosted media application process?

21 July 2022 •

  1. Anyone can express interest to participate in AIME’s Hosted Media Program however acceptance into the Program is at the discretion of AIME’s marketing team and fulfillment of the selection criteria outlined below
  2. Invitations are also distributed direct to prospective media partners by AIME’s marketing team.
  3. If you receive an invitation and you’d like to be a hosted media partner,  you will be asked to accept your invitation via return email.
  4. Once the invitation is accepted, the marketing team will request a media kit and prepare a media agreement based on mutually agreeable deliverables.
  5. Once the Agreement is signed you will receive an email outlining next steps in the process, for example flight information, spec requests etc
  6. If your application does not meet our assessment criteria you will be notified and invited to register as a self-funded ‘visitor media’ – these applications will open on our website in November 2024.



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