What is the difference between fully hosted, semi-hosted and guest media?

28 November 2023 •

Hosted media have flights, group transfers and accommodation included and in return, agree to fulfilling deliverables outlined in the media partnership agreement.


Semi-hosted media are provided with accommodation and pay for their own flights and transfers – they commit to less deliverables and have more flexibility over their time at AIME.


Guest media are not provided with flights, group transfers or accommodation but they do receive VIP access to the showfloor and AIME program – in return they are asked to complete the deliverables negotiated as part of their partnership agreement.

All media types are provided with:

  • MCB Uncover Melbourne Media Famil and/orExperiences on Sunday 9 February
  • A ticket to the Knowledge Program on Monday 10 February (education sessions)
  • A ticket to The AIME Welcome Event on Monday 10 February
  • Morning, afternoon tea and lunch on show days – Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Tickets to ‘Invite Only’ exclusive events
  • Access to the ‘Hosted Buyers Lounge’ on the show floor



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