Who can be a hosted buyer?

21 July 2022 •

Hosted Buyers (HBs) are:

  • Experienced and senior event planners with at least 5 years’ experience in the business events industry organising events.
  • These experienced planners can come from different sectors of the business events industry including, associations, PCOs, event management agencies, corporate in-house event planners, incentive planners etc.
  • Event planners who research, organise, influence, contract and make budgetary decisions for business events.
  • Planning and/or booking business events on a weekly or monthly basis – at least on average 5+ per year with 50+ attendees.
  • Venue ‘finders’ or venue sourcing companies with a history sourcing venues for business events

Note: planners from outside Australia must be:

  1. Organising 6+ business events per year outside their home country with at least 50+ attendees at each event.
  2. Some of the events must have been held in Australia in the past or there are definite plans to organise events in Australia as well as the Pacific or Asian destinations in the next two years.
  3. Business event planners and not travel agents organising group travel for a business event.
  4. Relatively fluent in English – enough to conduct meetings at the show without an interpreter.

Note: Business events are association or corporate conferences, corporate incentives, corporate events. We do not consider weddings, school groups, community / special interest groups etc. to fall under the umbrella of business events.



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