Meet the AIME team: Felicity Fox

28 February 2023 •

Team AIME are a bunch of all-stars! Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Felicity Fox, get to know her in our latest ‘Team Behind the Screens’ series below.

Why do you love events?
The business events industry is extremely dynamic, constantly evolving and definitely not boring! There’s an excitement and energy around events that’s difficult to replicate in other industries and this is why I’ve stayed in the industry for over 30 years. I’ve had the joy and privilege of working with some incredible leaders of the industry and have forged many valuable friendships along the way. It’s a pleasure to work with professional and dedicated team members towards delivering memorable events for their clients and stakeholders.

What is your favourite destination in the world?
That’s a very hard one to pin one down, but I’ve been to Bali more times than anywhere in the world and automatically feel relaxed and at home when I arrive. The diversity, vibrancy and energy keeps drawing me back, but mostly it’s the beautiful Balinese people who are so gracious, gentle and kind . The UK is a close second, particularly as that’s where I met my husband!

What is the last book you read?
I was given two books for Christmas, one is a Broadsheet publication called “Travels”, Australia’s best stays, swims, walks, dining, culture and experiences, and “Ultimate Weekends Australia”. No guessing what one of my favourite past times is!

What three words best describes you?
Curious, conscientious, dedicated.

What have you learnt this year?
How commitment, dedication and passion drives people to produce amazing things; patience and kindness will always prevail, and the value of good health.

What is a fact about you that surprises people?
My extensive and diverse playlists, plus my love of a good sing-a-long at dinner parties!



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