Meet the AIME team: Gemma-Ann Taylor

19 June 2023 •

Meet AIME’s newest recruit: Gemma-Ann Taylor. Get to know Gem in our latest ‘Team Behind the Screens’ post below.

Why do you love events?

I appreciate events because they provide a platform for people to gather and experience a shared sense of excitement and joy. Witnessing the enthusiasm and happiness that arise when individuals come together brings me a profound sense of satisfaction. Knowing that I have contributed to creating these positive and memorable moments in people’s lives is a fulfilling accomplishment for me. Ultimately, my purpose in life is to bring happiness and make a positive impact on others, and events serve as a means to achieve that goal.

What is your favourite destination in the world?

I can’t pass the feeling that Norway provides.  The friendly faces, nature that makes you stand in awe, the excitement of the city and relaxing feeling of the country makes me want to return every time I feel like travelling.

What is the last book you read?

It’s not necessarily a book to sit down and ready but Lonely Planet books are always something that I am interested in as I love to travel.  The latest version for me to read is Europe as it keeps calling me back.  Especially the countries I have not been to.  The content within its pages makes me excited for the travels in my future.

What three words best describes you?

Open, creative and determined.

What have you learnt this year?

Patience is a virtue not limited to work but also for fluffy family members and trust in yourself is an important way of life.

What is a fact about you that surprises people?

My connection to Disney is more than the movies.  I had the opportunity to work at a hotel at Walt Disney World where I would spend part of my workday watching the daily fireworks and spending time in Germany, France, Japan and Mexico on days off at EPCOT.  From sharing the magic with guests to working with celebrities, no day was the same.  And by the way, the grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast is indeed delicious.



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