Meet the AIME Team: Jackie Caldwell

2 June 2021 •

Over the last few months, the AIME team have been giving you all a little insight into their lives behind the “screens” at home. We may have taken a break for a while, but we have a new team member for you to get to know!

Meet Jackie Caldwell, who has just joined the AIME team in her role as Hosted Buyer Manager – Buyers. Jackie is a highly experienced meetings, conferences and events professional. She has worked in various roles across many different sectors of the industry. Most recently, Jackie has worked for GainingEdge and GTI Tourism representing Malaysia, and New Caledonia respectively to assist them to grow their events markets. As part of these roles, she has worked with Australian and New Zealand event planners to market the destinations and raise awareness of their available event-related product. Learn more about her here:

  1. Why do you love events?
    I love the vibrancy of events and seeing, doing, experiencing things that many people just aren’t exposed to – I feel it’s important to remember this and not take those experiences for granted. My whole career has been in this industry – working across different roles and different companies and sectors. As an industry we work incredibly hard and often many hours above and beyond to keep our clients happy and to make them look good to their clients, customers, and stakeholders – often working behind the scenes without a lot of accolades – the events industry is amazing.
  2. What is your favourite destination in the world?
    My passion is travelling and there are so many destinations still on my bucket list and it’s soooo difficult to choose only one favourite from those I’ve visited – so I won’t – I’m choosing two. I loved Victoria Falls – swimming in the Devils Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls and walking with lions, it was truly amazing. But I also love Italy – I’m sure I was Italian in a former life!
  3. What is the last book you read?
    I’m still reading it, but almost finished – it’s a book my husband wrote titled “An Introduction to Spirituality – Spirituality for Life”.  He’s done a great job in helping the reader to gain a fundamental understanding of what spirituality really means without going into the complications of religion.
  4. What three words best describes you?
    Enthusiastic, practical, caring.
  5. What have you learnt this year?
    – Have faith, trust, and be patient.
    – The world works in mysterious ways – just ask me how this job came to be!
    – Above all else, be grateful for what you have ahead of what you do not.
  6. What is a fact about you that surprises people?
    I used to be six feet tall – those were the days!! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m only 5’1 (155 cm)! Being serious now, with such a strong Aussie accent, no one would believe I was born in Ireland and immigrated to Australia when I was 10 years old. I had a very thick Irish accent which I couldn’t wait to offload and be just like everyone else in our primary school. Also, when I lived in Ireland, I was an award-winning Irish dancer.



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