The AIME Team Highlights

11 March 2020 •

The AIME team had an absolute ball at AIME 2020 in February. Get to know us a little bit better and find out what we loved…

Jay Martens – Event Director

My highlight of AIME 2020 was without a doubt the Welcome Party. Knowing the planning that had gone into it and then being blessed with the incredible weather, made it an amazing and unforgettable night. It ticked a lot of the boxes that we always set out in regard to AIME: the right partners, inspiring people and showcasing new products and opportunities.

Matt Pearce – CEO

From the opening press conference to the closing of the show, the buzz on the show floor was palpable. The conversations about future business, about bushfires and about COVID-19 made me so pleased that AIME 2020 went ahead. It was a time for discussion, reflection and future business.

Bernadette Panton – Hosted Buyer Manager

Seeing the AIME community come together to celebrate our industry.  From the moment our Hosted Buyers arrived at the airport all ready to connect, do business and learn, to the parties, to seeing business being generated on the floor. Knowing that we as a team have contributed and made a positive impact to the Business Events Industry is incredibly rewarding.

Christine Zammit – Conference Content Manager

Watching 100 or so event professionals sitting with their eyes closed and collectively meditating – trying out different methods to find one that suits them was brilliant.  So great for Megan to share this skill to our attendees – working in traditionally one of the most stressful industries there is!

Sarah Bryant – Marketing Manager

The networking functions at AIME this year were like no other! The buzz of networking and laughter filled the air at the Welcome Party and the Garden Gathering whilst everyone enjoying the amazing food and cocktails on offer. It was a joy to see all of the smiling faces and new connections being made at all of the functions, which is why they were a definite highlight for me!

Darren Loewy – Senior Operations Manager 

It was great to see exhibitors invest in their stands which enhanced the overall look of the show. There were some new custom stands, and nearly all Embassy exhibitors took up an upgrade option which added a lot of colour to the event. I also loved that there was a huge focus on Sustainability this year, which was led by the Harry the hirer Sustainability Hub using recycled materials to manufacture furniture and signage.

Gabrielle McKeown- Event Coordinator

Watching Sarah Rowan dancing around her canvas full of joy creating her beautiful vibrant painting in 5 mins gave me goose bumps!  Even more so knowing that the money raised by the donation of the painting to the silent auction would raise money for the devastation caused by the bushfires.

Charles Beyer – Sales Manager

My favourite experience at AIME this year was the ‘Taste of the Territory’ NT lunch and seeing the locals who never been to Melbourne perform their native culture. It made me feel good as an Australian to see our Indigenous culture showcased.

Eliza Pearce – Marketing Executive

To hear Simon Doble talk about his plight of lighting up with worlds of kids living with energy poverty was a highlight for me.  I could see I wasn’t the only one that was totally in awe of how he had managed to create such a brilliant charity supported by the UN to better the lives of refugees without proper access to light as well as kids all around the globe.  Added to that he is doing everything in such a responsible sustainable way – even the yellow buckets that he distributes the lights in get reused as water filters!

Lea Weiler – Hosted Buyer Account Manager

After months of anticipation it was just magical to finally see AIME come to life and see the AIME community meeting for the first time! To me, AIME is all about bringing people together and it was so wonderful to witness the event community collaborating and growing so much closer over just a few days

Deen Haniff – Sales Manager

Meeting with our exhibitors who were sceptical about the numbers and how the event will turn out amid the Bushfires and COVID-19 outbreak. I loved seeing the look on their faces and receiving the overwhelming positive feedback on what we achieved. It was great hearing people talking about how we pulled off all functions and the success of the meeting diaries. Many of my exhibitors are considering a bigger presence for 2021!



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