Top 5 Series: Setting Up a Trade Show

17 September 2019 •

AIME Event Director, Jay Martens has over 20 years’ experience in the trade and travel show industry. In this month’s Top 5, we ask him his top five tips for setting up a trade show.


1. The Journey

Design the journey of every single event attendee from communications, to the booking experience, to the journey on the show floor, to their post event interactions. Understand your audience to know what they want/need from the event and what makes them tick.

2. The Interaction

Trade shows are about the face-to-face meetings and tactile experiences. People love to feel involved in the show, rather than simply a spectator; focus on influences that will create a human interaction.

3. The Space

The space is your canvas … how will you choose to decorate it? You need to think about what story are you going to tell on the show floor. It all comes back to the journey you want to take your attendees on.

4. The Team

No event can be executed without a strong team behind it. Chose the right people for the journey and ensure they are all clear on and buying into the vision.

5. The End Game

Ask yourself: how have you changed the new tomorrow of each participant at your event?



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