What’s Your Favourite #AIMEMoment

2 January 2023 • ,

2023 marks the 30th Anniversary of AIME. An incredible milestone in the event’s legacy and impact on the global business events industry. The AIME team is collaborating with media partner BEAM to celebrate AIME’s 30 years of history and showcase our community’s favourite #AIMEMoments as part of AIME’s social media campaign.

We asked our AIMEbassadors what their favourite #AIMEMoment has been….


Paul Rowntree

“My first AIME: The energy in the room was palpable and I watched the joy as so many people hugged, kissed and laughed. It was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I knew I had found my tribe”…

Maggie Diasinos

“Everyone at AIME was so welcoming and supportive at my first AIME. It is where I ignited my passion for meetings and events. AIME is the reason why I am still working in this incredible industry a decade on”….

Andrew Hiebl

AIME has always been the ultimate meeting place for APAC’s business events industry. I’ve been involved with AIME half of my life, doing business, expanding networks and catching up with peers from across the world”….

We’d love to hear… what’s your favourite #AIMEMoment



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