Will AI revolutionise conference planning?

31 October 2023 •

Will AI revolutionise conference planning?

By Silke Calder and ChatGPT

As a large-scale event organiser and when it comes to any kind of conference planning, it seems you can’t go more than five minutes without hearing how AI is going to revolutionise our industry. 

At AIME, we have been early adopters of harnessing the power and benefits of AI to create a seamless experience for our buyers, exhibitors, and visitors. First and foremost, our bespoke AI meeting scheduling platform means exhibitors and buyers each receive a full diary of mutually-beneficial appointments. This means every meeting has commercial potential, delivering measurable return on investment for exhibitors and meaningful outcomes for buyers. 

Of the $200 million written in business at AIME 2023, part of the credit is due to AI’s next level matchmaking capability that ensures everyone leaves AIME feeling they’ve met with the best. 

As for the other elements of show planning that tap into AI: we are taking a considered approach.  As with real-life connection, there are still some things that just cannot replace the human touch.     

Whether we sit on the precipice of a new age of enlightenment or we’ve entered the End Time of humanity – or much more likely somewhere in between – there’s no doubt AI is here to stay and its use in our everyday life will impact how we work, rest, and play. But what does that really mean? How will AI affect the meetings and events industry here in Asia Pacific? What will it mean for conference planning more generally? And how will our industry change over the next five to 10 years?

To find out, we posed that very question to ChatGPT.

Over to ChatGPT 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise the meeting and events industry, facilitating seamless planning, enhanced personalisation, and data-driven decision-making. Within two years, AI will enable event organisers to automate administrative tasks such as scheduling, venue selection, and attendee registration, all crucial aspects of conference planning. AI-powered matchmaking algorithms will help participants connect with like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful networking opportunities.

 In Australia, AI could assist event organisers in dynamically adjusting event schedules based on real-time data, optimising session attendance and enhancing attendee satisfaction. In five years, AI will elevate event personalisation to new heights.  Advanced AI systems will analyse attendee preferences, behaviour patterns, and social media interactions to create personalised event itineraries, recommend relevant sessions, and suggest networking opportunities, enhancing the overall experience. AI-powered event apps will provide real-time information, interactive maps, and personalised notifications to enhance attendee engagement and satisfaction. 

 AI is set to transform the incentive industry by revolutionising rewards and recognition programs, boosting employee engagement, and optimising program management, a vital component of conference planning. Within two years, AI will enhance incentive program personalisation, leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyse employee data and preferences. AI-powered platforms will suggest tailored rewards, making the process more efficient and meaningful.

Over the next decade, AI will revolutionise employee recognition by automating the process of identifying top performers and recommending appropriate rewards. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants will enable seamless and timely recognition, fostering a culture of appreciation within organisations. AI-driven predictive analytics will optimise incentive program design, predicting and rewarding desired employee behaviours.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is set to bring a wave of transformation to the incentive, meetings, events, and conference planning industry worldwide. From enhancing guest experiences to automating administrative tasks, personalising events, and optimising incentive programs, AI offers tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth in conference planning. It is crucial for industry players in Asia Pacific to stay abreast of AI advancements and embrace these technologies to harness their full potential.

Well, AI would say that!

There’s no doubt AI is the hottest trend and topic in our industry and the world – but just how it revolutionises our lives remains to be seen.

Remember, when the CD came in vinyl was dead, video killed the radio star and DVDs were supposed to turn the lights off cinema… But the only real thing that’s predictable about trends is how unpredictable they are. And that’s the human touch.



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