Work Health & Safety Declaration

It is a condition of entry into the exhibition that every exhibitor, contractor, sub-contractor, supplier and their agents comply with the current Work Health & Safety legislation relevant to the state in which the event is being held.

Similarly, said participants must adhere to all other legislation covering the venue. To assist with understanding the regulations in each state and/or territory, please visit

The exhibitor accepts that it is their legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their own and others (including visitors) health and safety is not put at risk by their actions (or inactions) during the exhibition.

I will make available at the show a copy of our company’s OH&S/WH&S policy and out staff will be sufficiently instructed and trained in matters relating to OH&S/WH&S in order to carry out their tasks competently

We agree that the staff working on the stand and our contractors have read and agree they will abide by all the OH&S information. Please click here to download and read.



    Note that as a requirement of the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, all Stand Builder/Contractors employed by exhibitors must complete the relevant induction course anually, prior to arriving on site for any event. To complete, please refer them to the MCEC website and ensure they complete both the MCEC Site Induction and MCEC Health & Safety Induction links under Site Induction.

    As this is a venue requirement, all enquires can be directed to the MCEC on telephone (03) 9235 8385.


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