5 October 2023 •


At AIME, we’ve always believed in the power of events to bring people together, share stories, and foster understanding. As the renowned business events tradeshow in the APAC region, it is imperative for our brand to not only shine in the global spotlight but to remain grounded, authentic, and relevant.

This year, we’re embracing a significant shift in our visual storytelling by incorporating a stunning piece of indigenous artwork across our showfloor.

Crafted in partnership with Melbourne Indigenous artist Emma Bamblett and First Nations creative agency, Little Rocket, this artwork isn’t just a design; it’s a tale, a history, a voice.

Creating this piece for AIME was a journey into the heart of our ancient traditions. It’s more than just artwork; it’s a narrative that intertwines with AIME’s commitment to progression and inclusivity. I’m proud to play a role in this event, echoing the voices of our ancestors in the modern world of business events – Emma Bamblett, Artist

But why did we decide on this path?


1. Celebrating Diversity and Heritage: Melbourne and indeed Australia is rich in indigenous culture, with stories spanning thousands of years. By showcasing this artwork, we pay tribute to the land we call home and the ancient cultures that have thrived here. It’s a nod to the rich tapestry of stories, traditions, and experiences that form the backbone of this country and that pave the way for future generations.

At AIME, our core is all about bringing diverse voices and stories to the forefront. By collaborating with Emma Bamblett and Little Rocket, we’ve captured the essence of Australia’s rich indigenous heritage, reflecting our dedication to innovation while honouring traditions. It’s an exciting leap forward for us and the entire event industry –  
Michelle Dawson, AIME Marketing Manager

2. Evolving with Purpose: Brands, like cultures, are living entities. They grow, adapt, and evolve. However, the most resonant brands evolve with a purpose. For AIME, our purpose is clear – to lead with innovation while staying true to our roots. This artwork is a testament to that commitment.


3. Staying Relevant in a Dynamic Industry: The event industry is ever-changing. To remain at its forefront, it’s crucial not just to keep pace with trends but to anticipate them, to set them. By integrating indigenous artwork into our branding, we’re making a bold statement about where the industry should be heading – towards inclusivity, respect, and authenticity.


4. Pushing Boundaries: As leaders in the event industry, it’s our responsibility to push the boundaries, to question the status quo, and to set new standards. This artwork is more than just a design; it’s a challenge – to ourselves and our industry peers. A challenge to think deeper, act with intention, and design with empathy.

Working alongside AIME and Emma has been a testament to the power of collaboration. Through this artwork, we aim to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, proving that heritage and innovation can beautifully coexist. We’re thrilled to have played a part in this pivotal movement for AIME, symbolising the future of inclusive event planning – John Burgess, Little Rocket

As we gear up for AIME 2024, we’re more excited than ever to share this journey of evolution and tradition with all of you. We hope this artwork resonates, inspires, and serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that await when we blend the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the present.


Join us, as we set the stage for an AIME that’s more vibrant, more inclusive, and more groundbreaking than ever before.


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